I believe in the soul. Following the heart. Handwritten notes. And symmetry. I believe in working hard (from anywhere), and playing harder (everywhere). I believe in happy hour. Dancing in the living room. Haagen-Dazs vanilla. Climbing trees. BIG dogs. Mind-numbing, body paralyzing naps. And daydreaming. I believe in black sharpies. Red tulips. And blue seersucker. I believe that Sundays are made for an unshowered, late breakfast, football and the newspaper. (Complete with dog & boy when possible.) I believe in the best of worlds, friends and family are one in the same. Summer nights are made for beer and baseball. And Coke is exponentially better than Pepsi (even though I am a VERY proud North Carolina girl!) I believe that it is totally okay to be a work in progress. And that bottles of wine, old friends and back porches mix well. I believe pearls are appropriate any time. So are oxford blue shirts. And the sky is Carolina Blue because God is definitely a Tar Heel. I believe that some people walk in the rain, and others just get wet. I believe in spontaneity. College football complete with tailgating. The sound of the ocean. And in the healing power of sun and salt water. I believe in laughing when you can and apologizing when you should. Mad, passionate, make-you-crazy kind of love. Creativity. Doing what you love. And happily ever now.