Dear Junior Designers

I never thought I'd be that girl. The one that felt 'too busy' to look at a resumé, or click through a portfolio. And then it happened. ZinePak decided to hire. There was an avalanche of interest. But what started out as hope and excitement, quickly turned to frustration and VERY quick judgements.

Lucky for my attention deficit issues, unlucky for a lot of Jr Designers, the process went way too quickly. Below are my simple tips to make sure someone like me looks at the awesome work done by someone like you!

  • Do some research. Do you know what the company does? Have you cruised LinkedIn and Google? (It will be obvious if you haven't!) And please make sure you spell the company's name correctly! Along with you're/your and any words a spell checker would find. 
  • Include a non-generic cover letter/email/note. And it doesn't need to be long and rambly. Just a few lines that include who you are, where you are, why you're interested in THAT job. Add a simple signature at the bottom with your name, phone number, and web address. Done. Woop woop!
  • Please attach your resumé to the email.  A pdf. Easy peasy. 
  • And about that resumé ... If you're applying for a design job, design it. Simple is good but add a little flair and personality. Just make sure it isn't (a) hard to read; (b) confusing, or (c) scary. 
  • Portfolio. Portfolio. Portfolio. I want to see your work. But please don't make me dig for it because I promise you I won't. A link should be in your cover letter and PROMINENT on your resumé - bonus if it's clickable!  
  • Don't over promise. If an interview is scheduled it means that I looked at your work. And liked it. And I read your resumé and felt confident that you could be a good fit. Now I want to get to know YOU and your REAL capabilities. If you embellish your skills it will soon become obvious. I'm all about faking it 'til you make it, but this is not the time or place! PLEASE don't over promise or oversell. 

If you're looking for some feedback on your work, cover letter or resumé, I am happy to take a look! Email me HERE or, better yet, let's do happy hour! 


Remote (Working) Controller

(Written for Likable Local)

In 1999, the first generation of the Blackberry was introduced. All of a sudden, business people everywhere were working from home on Sunday nights while reading email and mentally preparing for Monday. Fast forward 17 years, and six iPhone versions later, and working remotely is now as simple and commonplace as working from the office, whether your office is six or six-thousand miles away.

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An Unruffled State

I walked away from NYC. I walked away from the crazy and the hard and the nonstop running that you have to do to keep up. I knew I was leaving money on the table. I knew it would be a challenge. I knew some days I would wonder 'what if?!'. 

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My Mantra

I believe in the soul.
Following the heart. Handwritten notes. And symmetry. 

I believe in working hard (from anywhere), and playing harder (everywhere). 

I believe in happy hour. Dancing in the living room. Haagen-Dazs vanilla. Climbing trees. BIG dogs. Mind-numbing, body paralyzing naps. And daydreaming.

I believe in black sharpies. Red tulips. And seersucker.

I believe that Sundays are made for an unshowered, late breakfast, football and the newspaper. (Complete with dog & boy when possible.)

I believe in the best of worlds, friends and family are one in the same. Summer nights are made for beer and baseball. And Coke is exponentially better than Pepsi.

I believe that its totally okay to be a work in progress.
And that bottles of wine, old friends and back porches mix well.

I believe that pearls are appropriate any time. As are oxford blue shirts. And the sky is Carolina Blue because God is most certainly a Tar Heel.

I believe that some people walk in the rain, and others just get wet.

I believe in spontaneity. College football complete with tailgating. The sound of the ocean. And in the healing power of sun + salt water.

I believe in laughing when you can and apologizing when you should.

I believe in mad, passionate, make-you-crazy kind of love. Creativity. Doing what you love. And happily ever now.